First Entry

This is my first entry.

I have never had a blog before, but I think I can benefit from having one.

I have three goals for this blog.

Improve my writing

I do not like to write, nor do I think I can write well.  As a college student and one who aspires to enter a career in ministry, I have to write a lot.  I think that by writing down my thoughts and ideas, I will eventually improve my writing skills and make what I write actually interesting.  Also, the more I write, (hopefully) the more I will enjoy it.

Express my ideas and thoughts

I am an intern at a campus ministry at Western Kentucky University.  I read a lot of commentaries and books on theology, ministry, and the Bible.  I have a lot of ideas concerning these topics, and by writing down those ideas in an organized manner, I will have a clearer understanding of those topics and will be able to communicate those ideas more clearly and easier.

Share my ideas and thoughts

Instead of this blog benefiting only me, I hope the ones who read my posts will get something out of it too.  I humbly admit that I have absolutely no authority on any issue and have a ton to learn about everything, but I do hope that someone may read one of my posts and see that topic a little differently and gain some insight on that particular topic.

I am really looking forward to this blog.